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3V Distributing, Conrad MT C49
A-Plus Auto, Great Falls MT A10 
Abilene Machine Inc, Abilene KS C20 
Action Toys, Billings MT C22
Affordable Construction Equipment,
Billings & Bozeman MT
Ag Trucks & Equipment, Great Falls MT C25 
Ag West Distributing Co., Great Falls MT B11 
Ag Wise, Kremlin MT C1 
Badland Truck Sales, Glendive MT B16 
Basin Seed, LLC, Stanford MT A48 
Bass Auction Co. Inc., Lewistown MT C40 
Ben Taylor, Valier & Shelby MT C9 
Big Equipment Co., Havre MT C6, C7 
Big Iron Auctions A19, A23 
Big Sky Equipment, Conrad MT C52 
Big Sky Harley-Davidson, Great Falls MT C29 
Big Sky Pipe, Great Falls MT A34 
Big Sky Sawmill & Wood Products, Vaughn MT C50 
Big Sky Wholesale Seeds, Shelby MT B10 
Billings Farm & Ranch Supply, Billings MT C20 
Brock Bins, Rydelle Ent., Drummond MT C16 
BTI Feeds, Cut Bank MT C9 
Buckley Auction MT C40 
Cahill Seeds, Scobey MT A2 
Cascade Machine & Supply, Great Falls MT C26 
Central Steel Building & Construction, GSI Bins,
Circle G Salvage, Walhalla, ND A51 
Circle S Seeds, of Montana, Three Forks MT A34 
Clearview Seed, Denton MT A18 
Corder & Associates, Fort Benton MT C35 
Courtesy Ford, Conrad MT C35 
Crazy Mountain Fabrication, Big Timber MT C34 
Crown Agro, Graham Seed Treating, Center ND A28 
Cut Bank Tire, Cut Bank MT C28 
Darling Ingredients, Inc A22, A42 
DBL Sales & Service, Coffee Creek MT A6, C19 
Doane Western of Montana, Bozeman MT C4 
Double Diamond Truck & Equipment Sales,
Missoula MT
Equipment Connection, Columbia Falls MT C26, C27 
EV Insulation, Conrad MT C36 
Exchange Services, Inc, Whitefish MT C48 
First State Bank, Shelby MT A50 
Fisher Metal Products, Fort Benton MT A39 
Flaman Sales & Rental, Power MT A24, C34 
Fort Benton Realty, Fort Benton MT A43 
Fox Ford, Wolf Point MT C36 
Fraser's Oil Inc., Inverness MT C44 
Frieling's Agricultural Equipment, Great Falls MT A52, B9, C17, C47 
Frontier Fence, Billings MT C38 
Frontline Ag Solutions Dillon, Dillon MT C41 
Frontline Ag Solutions, 10 MT Locations C38, C39 
G & M Bins, LLC, Fairfield MT A10 
Gateway Arch & Fence, Bozeman MT B2 
Gazeeka, Fairfield MT C26 
Glass Trucking, Denton MT A25 
Golden Harvest Seeds, Big Sandy MT A40 
Golden Triangle Seeds, Rudyard MT A20 
Gordon Repair, LLC, Miles City MT C18 
Graham Seed Treating, Crown Agro, Center ND A28 
Great Falls Fence, Great Falls MT A41 
Greenway Seeds, Caldwell ID B7, C28 
Greyn Fertilizer, Choteau, Dutton, Valier MT C37 
Grossenburg Equipment, SD, NE, & WY Locations C23 
Grove Construction, GSI Bins, Moccasin MT A9 
GSI Bins, Central Steel, MT & ND C49 
GSI Bins, Grove Construction, Moccasin MT A9 
GSI Bins, Severinsen Irrigation, Fairfield MT C11 
HCL, Billings MT C21 
Heartland Seed Company, Moccasin MT A24 
Hedman, Inc, Grass Range MT C43 
Helfert's Helena Farm Supply, East Helena MT C12 
Henke Enterprises, SprayFlex & Big Dog Mowers,
Chester  MT
Highline Communications, Cut Bank MT C50 
Hoven Equipment Co., Great Falls MT B12, B13 
Huggy Bear's Consignment, Cut Bank MT B1 
Hwy 12 Equipment & Repair, Baker MT C18 
Iron Horse Express, Coffee Creek MT B6 
J & T Equipment Sales, Stevensville MT C30 
J Bar T Bins & Steel Buildings, Chester MT C5 
Jamieson Motors, Inc., Chinook MT A30, C10 
Johnsen Trailer Sales, Inc., Bismarck & Fargo ND C16 
Johnson Distributing, Great Falls MT C24 
JW Feeds, Chester MT B4 
K.R. Rauch Company, Billings MT A12 
Kimmel Ranch, Union Forage, Turner MT B6 
Krogmann Mfg. C22 
Lattin & Sons, Power MT A24, C34 
Lee's Trapworks, LTD, Swift Currant Canada A37 
M & M Auto, Trailers, & Welding, Stevensville MT A45 
M & W Machine, Three Forks MT C50
MDS Construction Supply, Great Falls MT B5 
Meridian Seeds, Casselton ND A28 
Mineral Tub Lifter, Malta MT C40 
Missouri River Realty, Glasgow, Malta, Sidney MT C45 
Montana Fiberglass Inc, Lewistown MT B14 
Montana Holster & Shoulder Rig, Great Falls MT C46 
Montana Livestock Ag Credit, Helena MT C46 
Montana Metal Fabrications, Great Falls MT B6 
Montana Shed Center, Great Falls MT C29 
Montana Specialty Mills, LLC, Great Falls MT A3 
Montech Seed Group, MT B20 
Morris Land Surveys, Choteau MT A27 
Mountain Equipment, Cody WY C14 
Mountain West Ag Services, Garneill MT C2 
MT Tractors, Stevensville MT C15 
Musselshell Valley Equipment, Roundup MT B14, B15 
Nature Safe, Darling Ingredients Inc A22, A42 
New Homes of the Future, Billings MT C21 
NM Machinery, Missoula MT B2 
North Star Equipment, Simms MT C11 
Northern Ford, Cut Bank MT B17 
Northern Prairie Auto Sales, Wolf Point MT C3 
Norwood Sales, Inc., ND & NE C5 
Nutrien Ag Solutions, Inc, Conrad & Great Falls MT A44 
Paramount Service & Supply, Glendive & Sidney MT C2 
Pete's Auto Sales, Great Falls MT C15 
Precision Truck & Trailer, Havre MT C13 
Prescription Tillage Technology, DBL Sales,
Denton MT
Pretty Good Twine, Synthetic Resoures, Peabody KS B10 
Price Contracting Inc, Stevensville MT A24 
Price Truck & Equipment Sales, Missoula MT C28 
R & L Seed & Machine LLC, Geyser MT C18 
Reddig Equipment & Repair, Kalispell MT C8 
Rehbein Ford, Inc., Plains MT C31 
Reinke, RPH Irrigation Services, Choteau MT A32 
Rockwell Scales, Simms MT A49 
Rocky Mountain Compost, Billings, MT C24 
Roger Rader, Inc, Sun River MT A2, C46 
RPH Irrigation Services, Reinke, Choteau MT A32 
Rydelle Enterprises, Drummond MT C16 
Safflower Technologies International, Fairview MT A7 
Severinsen Irrigation, Zimmatic & GSI, Fairfield MT C11, C48 
Shop Specialties, Valier MT C16 
Shortline Ag, Scobey MT A14, C10 
Sod Buster Sales, Polson MT A8, C32 
Specialty Tool & Attachment, Cody WY C36 
SprayFlex, Chester, MT C8 
Staheli West, Fairfield MT C26 
Steel Etc, Great Falls  MT B21 
Stokes Fencing, Conrad MT B14 
Sullivan Brothers Construction, Conrad MT C47 
Super SmartRooms/Superform ICF, Avon MT C24, C49 
Synthetic Resources, Pretty Good Twine,
Peabody KS
T & T Farm Supply, LLC, Chester MT B3, B8 
Tate Miller Welding, Golva ND A45 
Taylor Farm Store, Shelby MT C9 
TCB Transport LLC, Geyser MT C2 
That Guys Fab Shop, Havre MT C21 
Tiber Tractor Co., Chester MT B19 
Tilleman Equipment Company, Havre MT C19 
Tom's Shop, Grass Range MT C46 
Treasure State Seed, Fairfield MT A45 
Tri County Implement, Sidney MT A5 
Triangle Ag Service, Fort Benton MT A51 
Triple T Sales, Chinook MT C20, C51 
TT&E Inc, Victor MT C42 
Union Forage, Kimmel Ranch, Turner MT B6 
Up In Smoke Diesel Tuning, Great Falls MT C4  
Vaughn Truck, Havre MT A26 
VW Mfg, Chester MT B23 
Wesco Trailer Sales, Conrad MT A50 
Western Montana New Holland, Missoula MT C45
Wichman Ag Supply LLC, Hilger MT C18 
Wild Horse Seed, Havre MT A41 
Willie's Farm Repair, Scobey, MT C2 
Zimmatic, Severinsen Irrigation, Fairfield MT C48 
Zomer Truck, Conrad MT C3

Private Treaty Sales

Anchor Polled Herefords, Vaughn MT A21 
Anderson Ranch, Raynesford MT A41
Beery's Land & Livestock Co., Vida MT A8
Clay Creek Angus, Greybull, WY A16
Cross Three Quarter Horse, Conrad MT A18
Curlew Cattle Co., Whitehall MT A21 
Dallas Polled Herefords, Canyon Creek MT A12
Ehlke Herefords, Townsend MT A21 
Feddes Herefords, Manhattan MT A21 
Geib Red Angus, Dagmar MT A4 
J Bar E Ranch, Plentywood MT A8
K.L. Slagsvold Herefords, Lindsay MT A21 
Lazy D Red Angus, Williston ND A14
McMurry Cattle, Billings MT A21 
Sleeping Willow Ranch, Stevensville MT A5
Thomas Herefords, Gold Creek MT A21 
Wichman Herefords, Moore MT A8

Production Sales

Feb 15 Bulls of the Big Sky Simmental, Angus, SimAngus,
Billings MT
Feb 15 Big Sky Salers, Dickinson ND A4
Feb 20 Gnerer Angus, Olive MT A6
Feb 20 Sparks Herefords, Plevna MT A8 
Feb 22 Circle L Angus, Dillon MT A7
Feb 23 Connelly Angus, Valier MT B24 
Feb 27 Never Sweat Ranch, Missoula MT A9
Mar 1 Clear Creek Angus & Weaver Herefords, Chinook MT A11 
Mar 2 Apex Angus, Valier MT A13
Mar 2 Hill's Ranch Simmentals, Stanford MT A15
Mar 4 Split Diamond Bulls, Angus, Dillon MT A17
Mar 4 Bieber Red Angus Ranch, Leola SD A19
Mar 5 L Bar W Cattle Company Hereford, Absarokee MT A21
Mar 5 Sutherlin Farms Red Angus, Stevensville MT A23 
Mar 6 DK Red Angus & Charolais, Williston, ND A25
Mar 6 Redland Red Angus & Gelbvieh, Hysham MT A26 
Mar 6 Bulls of the Bitterroot Black Angus, Stevensville MT A27
Mar 8 Veseth Cattle Co., Glasgow MT A29
Mar 8 Holden Herefords, Valier MT A21
Mar 9 Veltkamp Angus, Manhattan MT A31
Mar 9 O'Hara Land & Cattle, Fort Benton MT A32
Mar 11 Fritz Red Angus, Brady MT A33
Mar 12 Flesch Angus, Shelby MT A35
Mar 13 Duncan Ranch Co, Joplin MT A39
Mar 15 Whistling Winds Angus, Inc, Hingham MT A37 
Mar 15 Sun River Red Angus, Great Falls MT A2
Mar 18 Malek Angus Ranch, Highwood MT A38
Mar 18 Kicking Horse Ranch, Great Falls MT A42
Mar 20 Sidwell Ranch & Frank Herefords, Columbus MT A21
Mar 24 Westphal Registered Red Angus, Grass Range MT A43
Mar 27 Valley View Charolais, Polson MT A46
Mar 29 Harrer's Lost Lake Ranch, Great Falls MT A47 
Mar 31 Open Gate Ranch, Simms MT A49
Apr 1 Arntzen Angus Ranch, Hilger MT B3
Apr 5 Gollaher Ranch, Cascade MT A48
Apr 13 Hager Cattle Co., Karlsruhe, ND B5


Feb 10 -
Mar 1
Musser Bros Auctions & Real Estate, Land, Online A4
Mar 13 Big D & E Auction Service, Farm Equipment,
Dickinson ND
May 2 Smith Sales Co., Spring Fever, Miles City MT B2 
May 15 Stan Howe & Associates/Front Range Auctioneers,
Matteson Estate-Collector Car, Shelby MT

Miscellaneous Small Ads


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